A Novice to A Continuous Learner

Navigating a dynamic career path has been an odyssey filled with evolving roles and unexpected opportunities, each contributing to my growth and expertise. Embracing new challenges and dedicating myself to continuous learning, I've crafted a lifelong story of professional dedication, shaped by the pursuit of ambitious goals and the realization of career dreams within a rapidly changing landscape.

laptop_mac Graduate Research Assistant

Aug. 2023 - Present

Conducting experiments, organizing or analyzing data, collaborating with faculty in preparing publications and other research activitiess in the domains of computer architecture, compliers and transfer learning.

api Software Engineer

May 2022 - Jul. 2023

Developing and maintaining a platform to build, integrate, and expose digital services as managed Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in the cloud, on-premise, and hybrid architectures.

insights Chief Growth Officer

Oct. 2020 - Feb. 2023

Driving the CB's strategic growth initiatives, overseeing business development, and fostering partnerships to expand the company's presence in the STEM education domain.

lan Teaching Assistant

Jul. 2021 - Jul. 2022

Conducting tutorials, grading assignments, providing student assistance, leading discussions and preparing teaching materials for the modules CS2042, CS3110, CS3052 and CS3953.

psychology Trainee Machine Learning Engineer

July 2021 - Sept. 2021

Assisting in the analysis of blockchain data, creating predictive models for decentralized trends, supporting the optimization of decentralized services of the organization.

view_in_ar Trainee Machine Learning Engineer

Oct. 2020 - Apr. 2021

Developed a mechanism to generate alpha mattes via a deep learning methodology for different camera perspectives using a point cloud of a 3D object with a large number of points for an automated multi-view 3D reconstruction pipeline.




Matara, Sri Lanka